Fire Behaviour Training

Single compartment carbonaceous systems:-

ECFRS & Special Container Solutions have a working partnership in the manufacture of these systems and are the approved supplier.

Flashover or backdraught containers originated in sweden, and were introduced into the UK by Essex County Fire & Rescue Service.

Carbonaceous systems unlike gas systems are capable of producing real backdraught the intensity of which will vary dependent on conditions. It allows the characteristics of a compartment fire to be authentically & consistantly reproduced.

This system if used in the controlled way that ECFRS has developed and advocate is acceptable as a safe & effective training facility with delegates learning how to control and not extinguish the fire. This carbonaceous system as indicated by the title utilises carbon based fuel:- ie wood in the form of chipboard.

The systems comprise of the folowing units:-

BA Training Units

Special Containers can manufacture / convert containers for BA training simulators.

They can be single storey or 2 storey units.

2 storey units come complete with internal staircase leading into the top unit and external entry/exit staircase steel doors and windows quick release roof vent roof hatch for confined space escape, bulkhead lighting to both units is standard supply. LPG heaters can also be supplied to simulate heat sensation.

SCS arrange delivery by specialist transport and on site assembly on request.

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